What is Spigelian Hernia Surgery in Houston?

Hernia Surgery in Houston – Texas Hernia Specialist
Hernia Surgery in Houston – Texas Hernia Specialist
Spigelian hernias occur between two groups of abdominal muscles and require hernia surgery in Houston to repair.

Spigelian hernias are rare but can be dangerous. These types of hernias require hernia surgery in Houston to repair. Also known as lateral ventral hernias, they carry a higher risk for complications. People with these types of hernias on average experience higher rates of complications related to the hernia. Therefore, if you have a spigelian hernia, it’s important to receive hernia surgery in Houston to correct the hernia. This can help reduce your risk for other medical issues like hernia strangulation, which occurs when a hernia restricts blood flow to your organs. Learn more about spigelian hernias and hernia surgery in Houston for this condition.

What is a Spigelian Hernia?

Spigelian hernias occur in an area called the spigelian aponeurosis. This is a gap on either side of your stomach between two groups of abdominal muscles. While they account for approximately 0.1 to 2% of all abdominal hernias, these hernias can be very dangerous, as they can be difficult to diagnose and carry a higher risk for complications. Therefore, if you have a spigelian hernia, it’s important to talk to your surgeon about hernia repair in Houston.

Oftentimes, spigelian hernias don’t cause the same symptoms that other types of hernias do. For example, other hernias often cause a bulge or swelling at the hernia site. However, those with lateral ventral hernias,  may not see any swelling at all. Your doctor may need to use x-rays, ultrasounds, or CT scans to diagnose a spigelian hernia. The only way to repair this condition is with hernia surgery in Houston.

Lateral Ventral Hernia Surgery in Houston

There are two options for spigelian hernia surgery in Houston: open and laparoscopic. Open repair involves making an incision in the abdomen and using normal surgical tools. The surgeon then places the herniated area back in place and strengthens the weak area with surgical mesh or stitches.

In contrast, laparoscopic hernia repair in Houston involves using smaller incisions and smaller surgical tools to repair your hernia. Studies show that laparoscopic lateral ventral hernia repair results in fewer complications compared to open repair. Additionally, patients often recover faster and with less pain. Another benefit is smaller incision scars. However, your hernia surgeon in Houston may recommend open repair for complex spigelian hernias. Your surgeon will help you determine the best approach for your hernia repair procedure based on your specific circumstances.

At Texas Hernia Specialist, our hernia surgeon Dr. Rick Ngo has years of experience repairing hernias using both traditional and minimally invasive methods. In fact, he has performed over 1,500 laparoscopic hernia procedures during his career. We provide individualized care to help you recover from your hernia as soon as possible. We can usually see new patients within 48 hours to provide you with the quality care you need as quickly as possible. Call our friendly staff today at (713) 255-6363 to talk to our friendly staff and schedule a consultation. We are here to serve you.

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