Dr. Rick Ngo and the Texas Hernia & Surgical Specialists team offer the latest surgical treatments for hernia repair. We know you probably have many questions about the hernia surgery process and the recovery time you can expect from your treatment. Below are general hernia FAQs with the answers you need to make the best decisions for your hernia treatment in the Houston area.
A hernia generally manifests itself as a swelling or bulge at one or both sides of the groin area, in the abdomen or at the site of a previous injury. You may also experience pain, discomfort or tightness when coughing or lifting heavy objects.
The Texas Hernia Specialists team can usually diagnose a hernia with a simple physical examination in our office.
Hernias are the result of a weakness in the muscle wall that allows internal tissues and organs to become displaced and to push through that weakened area. Overexertion of muscles, injuries, previous surgeries and congenital weaknesses are all known risk factors for developing a hernia.
Dr. Ngo may recommend minimally invasive hernia treatment, which is a form of surgery that uses very small instruments and cameras to complete the procedure inside your body. The smaller incisions used for this treatment method heal more quickly and reduce the risk of infection. For most of our patients, this treatment offers significant benefits over traditional treatment methods, including much faster healing times.
Not all our patients will qualify medically for minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. Texas Hernia & Surgical Specialists also provides traditional surgical treatments for hernias to accommodate all of our patients appropriately. These surgical procedures require a larger incision and a longer recovery time.
Mesh procedures use a sterile material to support the muscle wall during the healing process. Absorbable mesh gradually breaks down and is absorbed into the body after the healing process is complete. Non-absorbable mesh offers greater long-term support but may trigger adverse reaction in some sensitive individuals.
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