Mesh vs No Mesh SurgeryDepending on the location of your hernia and the extent of damage to the muscle wall, the team at Texas Hernia & Surgical Specialists may recommend a no-mesh or mesh procedure to perform your hernia repair. Dr. Rick Ngo is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has the experience and expertise to determine which of these methods is best suited to your needs. Understanding the differences between these two procedures will help you to take a more active role in your own hernia treatment.

No-Mesh Hernia Repair

Dr. Ngo will typically use no-mesh hernia surgery in relatively straightforward cases. More simple cases may require protruding tissues and organs be placed back in their correct position and the weakened spot and gap be stitched together and reinforced. These procedures may be performed as minimally invasive surgeries, which typically reduces the hernia surgery recovery time and minimizes pain and discomfort. Since no mesh hernia repair procedure uses the body’s own tissues, rejection and other risks associated with implant decreases.

Mesh-Reinforced Hernia Surgery Procedures

Mesh-reinforced hernia repair procedures are used when simple stitching is not enough to ensure support for weakened areas of the muscle wall. Absorbable mesh is most easily accepted by the body and will break down over time. This allows your body’s natural muscle tissue to receive the support to heal effectively without the need for a permanent implant. Non-absorbable mesh runs the risk of potential rejection by the body but provides superior support over a longer period of time.

Preparing for Mesh and No Mesh Hernia Repair

Whether you have a mesh or no mesh hernia scheduled, you will have to follow some guidelines before the procedure.

Dr. Ngo will use diagnostic imaging techniques in order to analyze the type and complexity of the hernia. He will utilize this to determine the most suitable surgery for your hernia, along with the correct procedure that helps produce effective results.

You will be provided with pre-procedure instructions. They usually include avoiding eating or drinking at least 8 hours before the surgery. If you smoke, you will have to give up smoking at least a couple of weeks prior to the operation. When you smoke, it restricts the oxygen flow in your body and could interfere with healing.

Do not forget to discuss the current prescription medications you are taking with your doctor. Some medications can disturb the body’s ability to clot blood, resulting in complications during or after the surgery. The surgeon might instruct you regarding the medications before the surgery or find an alternative.

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The decision to use mesh or no-mesh hernia surgery techniques will be made by your hernia doctor in consultation with you and your family. The entire team at Texas Hernia & Surgical Specialists will provide you with the information and support you need to make the right choice for your hernia repair.

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