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Dr. Rick Ngo is an expert and highly-qualified General Surgeon with proven experience and outcomes in the field of minimally invasive hernia surgery. Having performed more than 1,500 of these procedures during his 20-year career, Dr. Ngo will provide relief for patients suffering from a range of hernia types including inguinal, umbilical, ventral, and incisional hernias. The minimally invasive techniques employed by Dr. Ngo and Texas Hernia Specialists will ensure outstanding outcomes along with minimal postoperative pain and shorter recovery periods.

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Rick Q. Ngo, MD, FACS
Dr. Ngo is a Board-Certified General Surgeon who specialized in minimally invasive hernia surgery.  As founder of Texas Hernia Specialists, Dr. Ngo provides compassionate and expert care to each of his patients.  He views his patients as members of the care team and involves them in all aspects of the decision-making process.  If surgery is mutually decided upon, he will use his experience and expertise to deliver an outstanding outcome.
If you need the services of a caring and expert hernia surgeon, contact Texas Hernia & Surgical Specialists and Dr. Rick Ngo at (888)365-1544 to schedule an appointment.

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The American Board of Surgery
American College of Surgery
International Journal of Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery
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