Changes to Make After Hernia Repair in Houston

Hernia Repair in Houston – Texas Hernia Specialist
Hernia Repair in Houston – Texas Hernia Specialist
Eat plenty of high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables after your hernia repair in Houston to help reduce the risk of constipation and hernia recurrence.

If you have a hernia, you’ll need hernia repair in Houston to prevent health complications. Untreated hernias can cause bowel obstructions and hernia strangulation. Therefore, it’s important to talk to your hernia surgeon in Houston about repairing your hernia as soon as possible.

However, you may be wondering if there are steps you can take after your hernia repair in Houston to prevent your hernia from reoccurring. Certain lifestyle changes may help reduce your risk for hernia recurrence.

Exercising After Your Hernia Repair in Houston

After hernia repair in Houston, you might wonder what kind of exercise might help lower your risk for recurrence. Regular exercise can help reduce this risk because it helps you maintain a healthy weight. It can also help strengthen your muscles near the hernia site. Your hernia specialist in Houston can help you determine what kind of exercise is right for you after you recover. However, generally you want to do low-impact exercises like walking or yoga with a proper warm up beforehand. This helps you get the exercise you need without putting excess pressure on your abdomen or groin.

Diet May Help Lower Your Risk for Hernia Recurrence

While your diet doesn’t have a direct impact on your risk for hernia recurrence, there are some things to keep in mind after hernia repair in Houston. Similar to regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet can help you lose weight if you are overweight, which can help lower the likelihood of hernia recurrence.

Additionally, eating foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains which are rich in fiber can help you avoid constipation. A common cause of hernias is constipation, as it makes you strain when you go to the bathroom. This straining can create pressure that causes internal tissues to push through the muscle wall. Therefore, keep in mind what you eat to become healthier and also avoid constipation.

Avoid Smoking After Your Hernia Procedure

Other lifestyle changes after a hernia procedure can also help lower your risk for recurrence. In many cases, you will need to quit smoking before your surgery. However, even after surgery you should avoid smoking. Nicotine can affect your body’s collagen production, which may increase your risk for muscle weaknesses that commonly lead to hernias. Also, smoking can cause a chronic cough that puts extra stress on your muscles and may lead to hernia recurrence. Quitting smoking can also help you improve your health and quality of life overall.

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