Recovering from Different Types of Hernia Surgery in Houston

Recovering from Different Types of Hernia Surgery in Houston
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After your hernia surgery in Houston, adequate rest is vital for your recovery.

If you need hernia surgery in Houston, you may wonder what your recovery will look like. This post-operative period is different for every person. However, the type of hernia surgery in Houston your doctor uses will affect your healing timeline and your recovery instructions. There are two main types of hernia repair: open and laparoscopic. Open surgery involves opening the area where the hernia is to place the organs back in their proper places. By contrast, laparoscopic hernia repair in Houston requires several small incisions that your surgeon will use to insert miniaturized equipment and a camera to correct your hernia. Learn more about recovery from both open and laparoscopic hernia surgery.

Recovering from Open Hernia Surgery in Houston

After open hernia surgery in Houston, most patients recover within three to four weeks. You can generally resume light activities one to two weeks after your surgery. This is usually when patients return to work. However, for strenuous jobs that require heavy lifting or large amounts of physical activity, you should avoid returning to work for three to four weeks until you are fully recovered. Your hernia surgeon in Houston can help you decide when the best time to return to work is.
While you recover, you may find that you tire easily, even into the second or third week after your hernia repair in Houston. This is usually no cause for concern. However, if you have questions during your recovery, your hernia repair surgeon is always happy to answer them. After your follow up appointment, your doctor will give you the okay to resume all your normal activities if medically appropriate, or give you more detailed instructions for any additional activity limitations you may need to fully heal.

Recovering from Laparoscopic Hernia Repair 

Recovering from laparoscopic hernia surgery in Houston is typically quicker than open hernia repair. The recovery timeline for most patients is one to two weeks, with their follow up appointment being two weeks after their surgery date. In most cases, you can enjoy light activity within one or two days after your surgery. Many patients also return to work in this time frame, depending on the type of job they have. Once again, patients in occupations that require hard physical activity should avoid returning to work until they are fully recovered. For most patients, this is about two weeks after your laparoscopic hernia surgery in Houston.
When deciding on which type of hernia surgery is appropriate for you, talk to your hernia surgeon about what they recommend. They can determine which type of repair will be best for your circumstances and take your overall health into account. Additionally, your surgeon can give you more recovery instructions that are specific to you.
At Texas Hernia Specialist, Dr. Rick Ngo is a leading hernia specialist who has performed thousands of hernia repair operations. Our hernia surgeon is recognized in the surgical field for his proficiency for laparoscopic hernia repair and gallstone treatment. We take a personalized approach to hernia care to help you feel better as soon as possible. Call our office today at (713) 255-6363 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ngo and start the path toward feeling better.
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