Untreated Hernias Can Lead to Serious Complications

Hernia Surgeon in Houston – Texas Hernia Specialist
Hernia Surgeon in Houston – Texas Hernia Specialist
Untreated hernias could land you in the emergency room. Reduce your risk for life-threatening complications by talking to your hernia surgeon in Houston as soon as possible after hernia diagnosis.

If you have a hernia, it’s important to talk to your hernia surgeon in Houston as soon as possible. While you may not experience any uncomfortable symptoms with a hernia, they can still lead to many painful and life-threatening complications. Therefore, be sure to talk to your hernia surgeon in Houston after you are diagnosed with a hernia. This can help reduce your risk for other dangerous conditions.

Talk to Your Hernia Surgeon in Houston About Risks of Untreated Hernias

If you feel fine, it may be tempting to skip a consultation with your hernia surgeon in Houston. However, doing so may lead to even more serious conditions. Hernias often get bigger without hernia surgery in Houston, which means you may experience pain and other unwanted symptoms of you leave a hernia untreated. For example, untreated inguinal hernias can increase in size and eventually press on the scrotum in men. This often causes pain and swelling, which is a pretty unpleasant experience. To avoid this, schedule hernia repair surgery as soon as possible to prevent your hernia from getting bigger.

However, there are other, more dangerous complications of untreated hernias. Hernia strangulation occurs when pressure cuts off the blood flow to herniated tissue. This can cause cell death in that tissue and can even release toxins and infection into your blood stream, which can result in blood poisoning or even death. This is why your hernia surgeon in Houston generally recommends surgery as soon as possible to repair your hernia.

Another possible complication of untreated hernias is bowel obstruction. When part of your intestine pushes through your muscle wall and creates a hernia, the intestine may become pinched and stop bowel material from taking its normal pathway. This leads to waste material accumulating and building up pressure, potentially leading to rupture. Like hernia strangulation, this can also lead to sepsis or death. Therefore, if you have a hernia, you should talk to your hernia specialist in Houston about repairing your hernia and avoiding other health complications.

Symptoms of Life-Threatening Hernia Complications

If you have a hernia and notice certain symptoms, you should seek immediate medical care. Many hernia complications are life threatening and require emergency surgery. Therefore, know the signs that you may have a strangulated hernia, obstructed bowel, or other hernia complication. Some of those symptoms include:

  • Sudden pain at the hernia site that worsens quickly
  • Inflammation or skin color changes near the hernia site
  • Burning feeling near the hernia
  • Severe constipation
  • Inability to pass gas
  • Bloody stools
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart rate

Therefore, schedule a consultation with your hernia surgeon in Houston to decrease your risk for hernia complications. At Texas Hernia Specialist, Dr. Ngo is a leading hernia specialist in Houston. Dr. Ngo works with you to determine the right approach to your hernia repair, whether that be traditional hernia surgery or minimally invasive procedures. We are here to help get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. Call us at (713) 255-6363 to talk with our friendly staff or request an appointment online today.

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