Mesh Hernia Surgery in Houston Frequently Asked Questions

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Hernia surgery HoustonIf you need mesh hernia surgery in Houston, you may have a few questions. After you speak to your hernia specialist in Houston, they may recommend using mesh during your surgery to help your hernia repair to go smoothly and heal properly. However, you may wonder what mesh is and what it’s used for. Here are some frequently asked questions about hernia mesh.

What is Mesh?

Mesh is basically a thin patch used to cover your hernia. It’s made out of prosthetic material to help strengthen the muscle wall where your hernia occurred. Surgeons add mesh during your hernia surgery in Houston to help your hernia repair be successful. It has been used for many years in a variety of different surgeries, and has become a go-t0 method for hernia repair.

Are There Different Kinds of Mesh?

There are many different kinds of hernia mesh and it can be made of different materials. For example, some are made of an assort meant of plastics, while others are made biomaterial. Additionally, some have protective coatings and some don’t. Mesh can also be made to be permanent or to break down slowly and be absorbed by the body. The most common type of hernia mesh is woven and made of plastic to provide the necessary stability for hernia repair.

Is Mesh Necessary for Hernia Surgery in Houston?

Some hernia repair procedures can be done without mesh. However, your hernia surgeon in Houston is the best person to talk about your specific case. In a lot of circumstances, mesh can strengthen and reinforce the muscle wall to help prevent hernia reoccurrence in that area. Depending on your situation, stitching may not be enough to support the muscle wall. Therefore, mesh hernia surgery is the standard for hernia repair. Mesh can be used in both traditional and laparoscopic hernia repair surgery.

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