Weightlifting, Breathing, and Hernia Surgery in Houston

Hernia Surgery in Houston - Texas Hernia Specialist
Hernia Surgery in Houston - Texas Hernia Specialist
Lifting weights that are too heavy for you can increase your risk for developing a hernia and needing hernia surgery in Houston.

Weightlifting is a great type of exercise for many people. It can help increase your heart rate, lower body fat percentage, and much more. However, heavy lifting may increase your risk for developing a hernia and needing hernia surgery in Houston. Using the proper techniques when weightlifting may help reduce this risk. Proper breathing while exercising is also an important part of reducing pressure that can lead to a hernia.

Proper Breathing while Weightlifting May Help You Avoid Hernia Surgery in Houston

Breathing is something we do without thinking most of the time. However, it’s important to pay attention to your breathing as you exercise. When lifting weights, many people naturally want to hold their breath. However, your hernia specialist in Houston advises against this. The problem with holding your breath while lifting is that it increases abdominal pressure. This pressure can lead to tissues pushing through weak areas in the muscle wall and lead to a hernia. Instead, most weightlifting professionals recommend exhaling when exerting the most force. This is because abdominal pressure is at its lowest as you exhale. Decreasing abdominal pressure during weightlifting may help reduce the risk for a hernia.

Other Tips to Help Avoid Hernias While Weightlifting

There are some other things you can do during weightlifting to help decrease your risk for needing hernia surgery in Houston. Many exercise trainers recommend warming up properly to help avoid stretching and damaging our muscles. Also, gradually increasing the weight is an important part of proper weightlifting. Suddenly jumping into heavy lifting or trying to lift weights beyond your strength can significantly increase abdominal pressure and may lead to a hernia or other injuries. 

Does Lifting Weights Cause Hernias?

So, does weightlifting actually cause hernias? Not exactly. A hernia occurs when there’s a weakened area in the muscle wall. This weak area can allow internal tissues to push through that wall, which is what a hernia is. Weightlifting doesn’t cause this weakness. You might have it from birth or from incisions made during surgery, for example. Weightlifting can create pressure that leads to internal tissues to push through the weakness. However, so can coughing, straining during bowel movements, and other activities. Therefore, avoiding weightlifting won’t necessarily prevent a hernia, but it’s important to use the proper techniques and forms to help reduce your risk of developing a hernia. If you do have a hernia, you need hernia repair in Houston, as hernias don’t go away on their own.

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